Pilatus Customer Service

Support App für PC-12 & PC-6 Kunden.

The Pilatus Customer Support App provides information for PC-12 and PC-6 customers. Several support functionalities help the customer to stay always on course:

  • Map overview with the worldwide PC-12 Service Network
  • Direct communication possibilities with the Service Centers (phone, email, AOG numbers, contact form)
  • Localization mode to show you the closest Service Center 
  • Publication overview with the Documentation Status Lists, Service Bulletins, complete Service Letters and manuals
  • Direct access to the Pilatus YouTube and Vimeo channels and the Honeywell Aerospace Training TV
  • Downloading pictures, videos, calendars and media articles
  • Direct acces to MyPilatus (including registration form)
  • Press releases and event information
  • Direct access to the Pilatus Pilot Shop